Announcements & Updates

We are just 5 short weeks away from opening night! The cast and crew have been working hard to make sure everything is getting done. Thanks to all the support from the parents!! Some important announcements so please make sure to read through:
  • CAST BIOS: All cast members are required to submit a short bio that will accompany their headshot. These will get posted in the lobby of the auditorium. Headshots will be taken in the upcoming weeks during rehearsals. Bios are due by Mon Apr 11th. Link is here:
  • Per Mr. Sweet- no more haircuts until after the show! Boys especially- shaggy, unkempt hair is good!
  • The costume crew is in need of gift cards to Joanne’s Fabric store. They’ve gotten lots of great costumes, but need to add embellishments now. All those ribbons, buttons and sequins add up!! Please contact Kaleen Holdaway if you’re willing to help out.
  • This Saturday’s rehearsal is for all speaking parts. Please make every effort to attend if possible. Some of the smaller roles will only be needed for a short time. These roles are needed: Frank, Buffalo Bill, Dolly, Tommy, Winnie, Annie, kids, Foster, Sitting Bull, Charlie, Pawnee Bill, Mac, Running Deer, Eagle Feather, Dining Car Waiter, Sleeping Car Porter, Messenger. Cast list will be updated later with all the new roles, but it can be found here:
  • Rehearsal on Saturday April 9th is very important! If you cannot attend, you must let Mr. Sweet know in advance. I do have a few notes already. This rehearsal will be from 9:00am-2:00pm for all cast. Bring all costumes! All costumes, tech, sets, props etc will be finalized. And then they’ll run through the entire show. Another full dress rehearsal will be on Saturday April 16th from 10-1.
  • Be on the look out in the coming weeks for food sign-ups. The rehearsals on Sat Apr 9th and Tuesday Apr 19th will have lunch or dinner included. BAMCAT will provide pizza/subs but we’ll need donations of side items. April 12th will be a potluck.
Please let me know if you have any questions!!
Jen Pierce

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