AMS Performing Arts Calendar of Events 2018-19

Last updated 12.08.18 (LK)

Tue 6 Orientation Meeting @7:00 pm AMS Auditorium
T-W 11,12 Musical Auditions* AMS Auditorium
Tuesday 18 Musical Call-backs List Posted AMS Auditorium
Thursday 20 Call-backs AMS Auditorium
Friday 21 Cast List Posted Choir Room
Thursday 27 Honors Chorus Auditions for Selected Students Greensboro
Monday 1 Auntie Anne’s/ Cinnabon/ Poinsettia Fundraiser starts Choir Room
Tuesday 2 Cast, Crew and Parent Meeting @ 7:00 pm AMS Auditorium
Friday 12 Auntie Anne’s/ Cinnabon Fundraiser orders & money due Choir Room
TBD TBD Veteran’s Day Ceremony (chorus) @7:30 am courtyard
Sat, Sun 11,12 Honors Chorus for selected students Winston-Salem
Wed 14 Poinsettia Fundraiser orders & money due Choir Room
Sat 1 Full Cast/ Crew Dress Rehearsal & Poinsettia fundraiser pick up AMS Auditorium
W 5 Musical @ 3:30 pm AMS Auditorium
F 7 Musical @ 7 pm AMS Auditorium
Sat 8 Musical @ 2 pm & 7 pm AMS Auditorium
Tue 11 Winter Chorus Concert @7:00 pm AMS Auditorium
Fri 14 Elementary School Concert Tour (bus) AMS Auditorium
Tue Drama Club starts 3-4:30 pm (Every Tuesday)  Choir Room
Fri 15 All County Chorus Campbell
Sat 16 All County Chorus Campbell
Fri 22 Galaxy Fun Park (7th grade Concert Chorus) Raleigh
Fri 26 All-State Chorus (selected students -field trip) Greensboro Coliseum
Sat 27 All-State Chorus (selected students -field trip) Greensboro Coliseum
Thur 16 Spring Chorus Concert AMS Auditorium
Wed 22 Variety Show Auditions* @3:30 – 6:00 pm AMS Auditorium
Wed 5  Variety Show Evening Performance @7 pm AMS Auditorium
Thur 6 Variety Show Daytime (students only) AMS Auditorium
Mon 10 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony AMS Auditorium
*  open to all AMS students