Contact Us!


The most efficient way to contact us is through email:

When addressing an email, here's a list of the people who take care of the different areas of our booster club:

Jill Smith, Co-President
Erin Riddick, Co-President/Fundraising 
Dawn Wieck, Treasurer
Ivette Garcia, Assistant Treasurer
Rich Henderson, Secretary 
Tina McKenna, Volunteer Coordinator 
Jen Pierce, Musical Chair 

Joe Fair, Webmaster

and Jessica Schmitt, Artistic Director (aka Choir Teacher, Drama Club Sponsor, Musical Director)

Kathleen Mulrine, Assistant Musical Director and Crew Coordinator

We would love to hear from you...
Let us know if you have any questions about our Performing Arts program and events, or if you’d like to support us by donating an item on our Wish List or by volunteering your time, skills, services, or resources.