Costume check update

We will hold another costume check for those we missed yesterday. This will take place on Saturday, March 12 from 11-12. 
When we hold costume checks, please bring your costume slip with you even if there is nothing attached.  This is the best way for us to keep track of costumes. If you are required to attend rehearsal, do not leave the auditorium without permission from Mr Sweet and return quickly after finishing with us.

You may email pictures/status to, or come see us Saturday. Bring your paper with pictures attached. If you are still searching for pieces, please write that on your paper so we know. If you need help finding pieces, please write it on your paper so we know. Between running out of time and many forgotten costume slips yesterday, we do not have costume information for the following individuals from our first costume check:

Skylar  Scearce
Jordan Pendergraft
Haile Clayton
Samantha Weitzel
Bella Ruckle
Jordan Becker
Emily Briell
Keily Brown
Madelyn Bustin
Sarah Frias
Julianna Mason
Peyton Matulewicz
Sarah McMullen
Brilley Peacher
Kaitlyn Quinn
Caitlin Reid
Tyler Reilly
Elizabeth Schedel
Kaitlyn Simmons
Hannah Szemereta
Claudia Telke

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