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2019 Carowinds Trip
Music in the Parks, March 30, 2019

2019 Carowinds Itinerary


6:00 AM Students meet at AMS.  Please do not park near the basketball courts.  This is where the buses will park.  

This also applies to the evening pick-up.

6:30 Depart AMS

10:00 Arrive at Carowinds

10:25 Band – Warm Up

10:50 Band – Perform for judges

11:20 Chorus – Warm Up

11:30 Chorus – Perform for judges

11:30 Band and Chorus – Group time in the park, including viewing performances, shows

4:45 PM Groups meet awards ceremony

6:00 Conclusion of Awards Ceremony, more group time in park

8:00 Meet at bus parking lot to depart for Apex Middle

9:30 Quiet time on bus

11:00 Arrive @ AMS.  Unload and clean buses.  If we will be more than 30 minutes off either way, we will let parents know.  Please see attached instructions showing how you can sign up for text/email notifications through Remind101

Parent chaperones should be registered with WCPSS as volunteers.   Parents will be needed to help act as our stage crew when we perform, as well as supervising students at all times.  


Each person is allowed a maximum of ONE carry-on bag containing clothes change for Carowinds and ONE bag (i.e. backpack) to carry items into the park such as a towel, sweatshirt, etc.  Keep in mind that if you take a bag into the park, you will need to keep up with it. Backpacks and the like are not allowed on some rides. Students are reminded that they are also responsible for their own instruments, instrument supplies, and music.  Any items that will be carried onto the bus such as books, video games, or CD/MP3 players must fit into the carry-on bag. These items are not to be taken into the performance site.


MORNING:  Students will wear their new AMS tour t-shirt, black pants or skirt, and close-toed shoes/sneakers.
AFTER PERFORMANCE: For Carowinds, students should dress comfortably.  We will wear our AMS Tour t-shirts. Students who change into shorts must be sure that those shorts meet the school dress code.  Comfortable shoes are a must.

Breakfast should be eaten before reporting to AMS.  You may want to send a breakfast bar or some type of breakfast food with your child for an energy boost right before we perform.  We will have 2 water bottles and 4 snacks (2 sweet, 2 savory) per student/chaperone. If you have special dietary needs you may want to bring snacks from home.  You may take a water bottle into the park and refill it if necessary (Water can be upwards of $4 per bottle). You may not take snacks into the park. If you wish to save your snack on the bus for the evening, that’s fine.  Both lunch and supper will be eaten in the park and will cost about $10.00 per meal.


  • Ladies and gentlemen may not be seat partners.  
  • If there are discipline problems at any time during the trip, a director or chaperone may move individual students.  Further discipline problems will result in an office referral upon returning to school.
  • Students are required to remain quiet while any adult is addressing them.
  • Students are to maintain a normal conversation level at all times while on the bus.
  • Students will be held financially responsible for any damages to bus property.
  • All school bus safety regulations will be adhered to while on the chartered bus.  In other words, students must remain fully seated while the bus is in motion, etc.
  • Items such as portable MP3 players, video games, and other electronic devices must be used with headphones.  Neither the AMS Band Boosters, BAMCAT nor the school is responsible for loss, damage, or theft of these items, and they may not be taken into the performance venue.


  • Students must remain in assigned groups, with assigned chaperones, at all times.
  • Students are to follow the directions of their assigned chaperone at all times.
  • Students should be sure to keep up with money and other valuables.  
  • Carowinds requires that all guests pass through metal detection security devices upon entry to the park.
  • No personal checks are accepted at Carowinds.  Students should bring cash/debit cards.
  • Students may wish to bring money for souvenirs.
  • Students are reminded to be courteous of others in the park.  Breaking in line and use of profanity are not only impolite, but also grounds for dismissal from the park.


  • No water rides are permitted.


  • Students should see at least one live musical performance while in the park and be prepared to discuss the intricacies of performing in a theme park.


  • Students should check the weather for Charlotte and pack accordingly.  Updated forecasts may be found at www.weather.com.  Enter zip code 28241.
  • Bring and use sunscreen!
  • Each student should consider him- or herself a representative of the band/chorus, school, and community. S/he should therefore conduct him- or herself in a manner that will reflect positively upon him- or herself and those s/he represents at all times during this trip.
  • Students are expected to remain respectful of all staff and chaperones for the duration of the trip.
  • Students must adhere to all relevant policies and rules of Apex Middle School and the Wake County Public School System.
  • Students must adhere to additional instructions given to them during the course of the trip, as schedule is subject to change based on traffic, weather, etc.
  • Students must adhere to school policy pertaining to tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.  The following are excerpts from the AMS Student Handbook.


  • No student shall smoke or otherwise possess any tobacco product in any school building, or on any school vehicle at any time or on the school premises.  This rule applies not only during school hours but also to all school-sponsored activities.


  • Long-term suspension is the consequence for possession of, use of, or being under the influence of any type of drugs or alcohol.



If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  

Helen Bishop, Jessica Schmitt



Optional Theater Outings to The Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music:


NC Theatre: Raleigh Memorial Auditorium
One East South, Raleigh, NC 27601


DPAC: Durham Performing Arts Center
123 Vivian Street, Durham, NC 27701




All-State Chorus and other singing related field trips are mentioned on Mrs. Schmitt’s site.


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