Musical Info Updates!!

Please read through the information below carefully and please let me know if you have any questions. Lots of links again!!!
  • SATURDAY REHEARSAL 10am-2pm: Please be at school by 10am with all costumes! Mr. Sweet will be there by 9:15 if you would like to come early to help get organized. Bring a snack, drink and lunch. Note the extended time.
  • CAST BIOS: There was some confusion about whether we were using the cast bios so the link had been temporarily taken down. It is now active again and we will be using them. Please have them submitted by Monday morning. Link is here:
    • Monday (3-6) Bring all costumes and plastic bin for storage if you haven’t already.
    • Tuesday (3-8) We will be providing food for the kids again- this time subs. Please let me know if you are able to help out with set-up/clean-up. They will break for dinner sometime between 5 and 5:30 depending on where they are in a scene. We were all done with clean-up by about 6:15 last week. Thanks to the ladies who came to help!
    • Wednesday is crew only as the 8th graders are going on field trip this day. Rest up for the big day!!!
    • Thursday The kids will be performing a short portion of the show during school for each of the grade levels. Mr. Sweet will be providing me with the schedule if you want to come watch.
  • PERFORMANCE & REHEARSAL VOLUNTEERS: A lot of helpers are needed for the final Saturday dress rehearsal (4/16) and especially during the performances to keep things running smoothly. Please take a look and sign-up where you are able. There are lots of open spots! We really need some men for the boys dressing room. Any dads willing to help??  We will be selling “shout outs” before the show. If any younger siblings would like to help with that, bring them along. They love running back and forth to deliver the messages.
  • CONCESSION SIGN-UPS: The primary fundraising activity during the AMS annual musical is the concession stand during the performance. In order to make this successful, we are counting on your donations. We’d like each family to donate at least one item to the concession stand or make a monetary contribution towards the purchase of concession items. Thanks to those of you who have already brought in your donations. Julie will be in the concession stand tomorrow from 10-11 for you to drop off any items you might still have. More information can be found on the sign-up here:
  • TICKET SALES: Tickets sales will be done a little bit differently this year. Your child may have brought home a pink reservation form yesterday. If you didn’t get one, it is available here: All reservation forms are due on Monday!!! All cast/crew members will be able to reserve the number of needed tickets for each show, but payment can be made beginning 1.5 hours before each show. (You can pay for all shows on Thurs night.) Each cast/crew member is also being given 1 free ticket. Please indicate on the form which night you’d like to use the “free” ticket. I’m still trying to understand the logistics of all this, so please bear with us as the details are worked out!! Those who are signed up to help with ticket sales will get further instructions from me next week.
  • HAIR/MAKEUP FOR SHOW: Make-up should be natural looking- not too “done-up” with mascara, eyeliner, blush and medium red lips (not too bright!!) Girls hair should be pulled away from face, with no bangs if possible. It can be up in a bun, ponytail, or big curls as long as we can see your face!
Thanks again for all your support!!!! The kids are going to be great!!

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