Musical Rehearsal Schedule

The complete schedule can be found here. Dates and times are subject to change so check this page frequently for any updates to the schedule. Updates will be made in red and additions made in blue. Refer the Song/Scene Breakdown to determine if you need to be at rehearsal.


Mon Sep 25: No cast rehearsal; mandatory crew meeting
Tues Sep 26: “With a Cat like Tread,” “A Rollicking Band of Pirates We,” “Now What is This” (police & pirates only)
Wed Sep 27: “When You Had Left Our Pirate Fold,” “Oh False One,” “When Frederic Was a Little Lad”
Thurs Sep 28: “Pour, Oh Pour,” “Oh, Better For to Live and Die”
Fri Sep 29: No rehearsal; early release day

Tues Sep 19: Full cast read-through
Wed Sep 20: Full cast finale music
Thurs Sep 21: no rehearsal (teacher work-day)
Fri Sep 22: Mabel & Daughters “Oh Dry The Glistening Tear” and  “Climbing Over Rocky Mountains”

Tues Sep 12: auditions
Wed Sep 13: auditions
Thurs Sep 14: auditions
Fri Sep 15: cast posted