Musical Audition Tips

Audition dates are Oct 7th & 8th immediately after school in the auditorium.

Students will need to sing a song a cappella.

Students will need to sign-up to audition on the paper outside of the musical hall in building H.

They will also need to bring an audition form with them.  Forms are available from Mrs. Schmitt or here.

Got questions or need tips on the upcoming musical auditions? Here’s a slide deck from Ms. Schmitt that contains basic audition advice, a lot of which is specific to what she will be looking for this year in the musical. There are notes for each slide if people/students have questions about any points that are on there.

For help in preparation for auditions, please visit the MTI website: About halfway down the page there is a link for “audition central” which will pop-up a screen with character breakdowns, and short pieces from the script and score. Mrs. Schmitt recommends choosing a song (not from the show) that will showcase your voice.

If your questions weren’t answered, click here for FAQ’s.

Musical Rehearsal Tips